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How to obtain a work permit in Slovenia?

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Acquiring work permit for B&H and third party citizens
is a field, where we know our best

Are you a FOREIGNER and would like to work in REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA?

Are you an EMPLOYER and would like to employ a FOREIGNER?

Based on our valuable experience, we can provide you with everything needed for obtaining permission to work, employ and/or employing foreign employees.

As a help to your assistance, we will be happy to provide you with a full list of all documentation needed, in order to avoid the delays in the administration processes.

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We provide a comprehensive solution, especially for shorter, but also for longer forms of employment.

This is the most flexible way of hiring – it allows to dynamically regulate the number of employees and the way they are employed according to the needs and nature of your business.

We assure our impact on choosing the employees, as well as an overview over their job performance.



Slovenian companies often see business opportunities abroad, 

In order to be able to send their employees to work in various EU countries, they need to be aware of all the procedures. Based on our experience, our clients are advised on how to manage their cross-border activities.

We also arrange all documentation needed to achieve success in the recruitment process.

GERMANY, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM and FRANCE are our main markets.



We also offer other types of business consulting, such as accounting.

The primary goal of our accounting service derive from an area that is a very important component of the business.

We provide  accounting services and consulting for individual entrepreneurs, as well as for micro, small , medium and big-sized companies.

We offer our business partners to manage paperless accounting.



Are you buying or selling a company that has already operated in the past?

We offer to buy a company registered at home or abroad for as low as 460 EUR.

We check key performance information such as balance, ratings, profit and loss account – in short, we evaluate company credits you would be interested in before buying.

An important factor is also the activity – does the company already have a well-established business or is it for sale without an activity?

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Administration in Slovenia

Taking care of administration for foreigners who wish to work in SLOVENIA, is what we do on ongoing daily basis.

Human Resources

We can provide you with the employees adequate to your business needs and register them into the insurance.

Market Demand and Supply

We are a bridge between demand and supply.
Primarily we cover the markets of B&H and SERBIA, as well as BELGIUM, FRANCE and GERMANY.

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Successfully implemented work is what matters to us the most. Reliability, safeness and speed of your investment are our top priorities.

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